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RankMF experts monitor mutual funds in the basket regularly for non-performing funds to replace with a quality fund. All this to ensure the basket helps you in achieving the goal.

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What is RankMF basket?
A pool of expert curated mutual fund schemes clubbed under one Basket based on a specific goal, time horizon and risk-taking ability of the investors. This means for every unique goal there is a basket of funds to achieve it in a specific time horizon. This gives a well planned and structured approach towards goal based investing.
How are funds chosen for each basket?
Each financial goal is unique in itself and to achieve these goals requires to invest in quality mutual funds, these funds are selected based on RankMF proprietary research which evaluates 20 million data points on a daily basis to regularly assess funds performance which are in the basket and not based on the past performance.
Are the funds in the basket re-balanced from time to time?
Each and every basket is monitored regularly by our experts and are rebalanced according to the market conditions only. If a fund does not perform according to the expectation, the fund is replaced with another quality fund to make sure that the mutual fund investments are on track to achieve the financial goals of the investor.
What are the different methods to invest in a basket?
You can either do a lump-sum or invest via SIP both options are available.
Can I see which funds are there in the basket?
Yes, you can easily check which funds are there in the basket before investing in it. The type of fund in each basket is decided based on the objective to achieve the goal in a stipulated time duration.
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