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Superior Returns Than Your Regular Systemic Investment

SmartSIP is an innovative order execution tool which can generate higher returns vs normal systematic order.

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Reach Your Financial Goals Faster with SmartSIP Compared to Regular SIP.

Buy Low & Sell High

SmartSIP Buys, Sells and Skips Your Investments in Mutual Funds in Order to Deliver Superior Returns.

Lower Risk

SmartSIP Automatically Detects Expensive Markets and Parks Your Money in Liquid Schemes, Instead of Buying Equity Funds at Inflated Prices.

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What is ?


SmartSIP Invests your Monthly SIP amount in Equity Mutual Funds Units When the Markets are Fairly Valued and Doubles Your Monthly SIP Amount When Markets are Very Under Valued.


SmartSIP Skips Fresh Investments in Equity Schemes When Markets are Expensive and Books Profits/Sells a Part of your Existing Equity Units When Markets are Very Expensive. The sale proceeds and monthly instalment are invested in Liquid Schemes.


SmartSIP Skips Your Investment in Equity Scheme Units and Parks the SIP Amount in Liquid Schemes Which is Later Used to Buy Equity MF Units When Markets Become Inexpensive.

How Does Work?

Watch This Detailed Video to Understand How Your Current Regular SIP Restricts You From Making More From Your Current Mutual Fund Investments

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SmartSIP V/s. SIP

Investing Rs.10,000 Monthly in HDFC Top 100 Fund for 5 years

At the End of 5 years, your Invested Amount of Rs. 6 Lacs Becomes Rs. 9.85 Lacs with SmartSIP. An Additional Return of a Whopping Rs. 1.14 Lacs than Regular SIP!

At the End of 5 years, your Invested Amount of Rs. 6 Lacs Becomes only Rs. 8.7 Lacs with SIP against Rs. 9.85 Lacs with SmartSIP.

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Login, Explore and Compare Mutual funds

Explore and Compare over 3000+ Mutual Fund Schemes, Know Kaunsa Mutual Fund Aapke liye Sahi hai.


Start a SmartSIP on the Recommended fund

Start a SmartSIP and Choose your Investment Amount.


Sign and Send The
SIP Mandate

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