Why Rank MF?

Our Mission is to objectively and scientifically evaluate every mutual fund and help investors select the best mutual funds out there!

RankMF Research Recommendations

Revolutionising the Selection of Mutual Funds with RankMF's Properitary Ratings and Mutual Fund Ranks to help you know kaunsa mutual fund sahi hai!

  • RankMF provides the only mutual fund research which does not rate and rank mutual funds on past performance. RankMF takes into consideration a variety of factors into consideration and over 20 million data points such as expense ratios, standard deviation, beta, market valuations and multiples, portfolio holdings and diversification/concentration of portfolio, the cash ratio of a fund, size of the fund, the predicted yields and we can go on and on, however one of the most importantly factors is the actual portfolio quality of holdings since that is what is going to deliver investor returns.
  • RankMF is built on a simple principle, investments in great companies at fair or great prices delivers great returns and investments in poor companies and/or at poor prices delivers poor returns. This is true for both equity and debt instruments of companies.
  • Each security is graded based on a variety of factors. For Eg. Equities are graded based on their profitability, balance sheet health, industry they operate in and size of the opportunity and business, the efficiency of the business and a whole lot more whereas debt instruments are graded based on their credit risk and ability to repay debt and interest in a timely fashion.
  • Just like the CEO of the company is responsible for maximising returns on investments for shareholders by investing the companies resources correctly at the lowest possible risk, similarly Mutual Fund managers are responsible for investing in the correct securities. RankMF keeps a check on the securities that a fund manager invests in and that has a direct co-relation to the ranking and rating of the fund. The RankMF algorithm has graded most securities invested in by mutual fund in India. Look out for the thumbs up and thumbs down in the portfolio section of the each fund scheme.

How RankMF rates funds and how you should interpret them?

5 Star Rating

Great Fund! Buy it subject to the time to invest signal.

4 Star Rating

Good Fund! You could buy it subject to the time to invest signal. These could be slightly more risky but could also deliver slightly higher returns

3 Star Rating

Average - So–So Fund

2 Star Rating

Poor Fund! Better things out there!

1 Star Rating

Just avoid!!

Because of our research methodology, we're different from others:
  • We rate and rank all funds out there! Yes - ALL!

    Most other mutual fund research or advisory companies do not rate or rank all funds or even consider the full universe which is against the interest of investors. For Eg. a great equity fund i.e. UTI MNC Fund which has been around for over 20 years and delivered a fantastic CAGR since inception of over 17% is unrated by most research and advisory companies! Our methodology and algorithm allows us to look at the entire universe and scan opportunities for you! It's unbiased, objective and has no emotional attachment!

  • We rate and rank relatively new funds as well!

    It doesn't matter if a fund is new or old, what matters is it's potential! We rank all funds including relatively new funds which may or may not have any long term track record. So don't get surprised if you explore our mutual funds and find a top rated fund with 0% return for 5 years! We believe new funds are like student freshers out of college - they could have great potential and we won't know until we evaluate them. So deserve attention and as long as we have enough data on where the funds are investing, we'll tell you how they are.

  • Ratings could change often

    We evaluate the universe constantly and therefore are swift to review ratings. Also since valuations and margin of safety are an important factor in our mechanism (more on this below!), swift moves in price will alter positions. For Eg. if a fund was holding great companies but which were expensive earlier and the market corrects fast which brings these companies at a fair valuation, obviously the fund becomes more investable and the score of the fund would improve and the ratings of the fund would improve.

  • We do not consider past performance while rating and reviewing funds

    Past performance doesn't matter for investors investing today so don't get surprised if the top ranking funds do not have the best past performance and vice versa. Unlike other research or advisory companies, we do not consider past performance while reviewing or rating funds because honestly, past performance was for investors of the past and there is no guarantee that investors investing now, in the present, would get similar performance in the future! Investing basis of the past performance solely could be one of the biggest mistakes investors could make!

  • We do not follow the bell - curve for rating and ranking mutual funds.

    Most mutual fund research companies for an employee style bell curve for rating funds. So top 10% according to them will be Rated 5 stars and bottom 10% will be rated 1 star. The middle 35% will be rated 3 stars. We do not follow the bell curve for rating funds and believe its an outdated method and an incorrect assessment. Either a fund is great, good or bad. It doesn't depend on it's relative past performance and doesn't necessarily need to be fit into a bell curve distribution.

  • Our research has no relationship with the Brand of the asset management company or the perks it doles out or the commissions it pays!

    The RankMF research methodology is completely unbiased, objective and has no human intervention. We truly believe in making the most honest assessments for our customers and that and that alone comes first!

  • We'll tell you why a funds great or poor!

    Hover on the ratings in the explorer or on the funds quote page and we'll tell you why the funds rated poorly or better. We want to be as transparent as we can be about our methodology and we will keep evolving our ranking and rating systems to deliver the best results.

Why is research of mutual funds important?

  • Investors must avoid the costly mistake of investing in a wrong mutual fund

    The difference in returns of various schemes of mutual funds could be as high as 50% so selecting the right funds is very important. Selecting a mutual fund can be an extremely daunting task due to the sheer number of factors at play. We believe that there is a great scientific approach to evaluating funds however it is impossible for a normal human being to do so!

  • Also investors must avoid the costly mistake of investing in the SIP of a wrong fund

    A 5 year SIP in a great fund has delivered upto 25% returns and in a bad fund has delivered negative to 0% returns. Making an SIP investment in the wrong fund is like doubling on an initial mistake that you must not make! We at RankMF want to help you avoid that mistake! We'll tell you more about it in our exciting SmartSIP TM product.

  • Look out for the Fund Sahi ya Nahi Signal
    Introducing a fund sahi signal

    The first filter in whether an investor should invest in a fund or not depends on the quality of the fund itself. At RankMF, you shall find a thumbs up or a thumbs down to denote whether the fund is investable or not!

  • Introducing The RankMF SmartSIP TM system
    SIP is not systematic or smart investing, it's simply dumb automated investing

    SIP is NOT systematic investing! Starting a mutual fund SIP and continuing investing in it at all times through market ups and down has nothing to do with systematic investing. Buying mutual fund units on the same of day of each month is plain and simple automation, that's it. A SIP is just automated investing. SIP is NOT a system of smart investing unlike what's sold by media, financial services companies and advisors!

    Introducing the RankMF SmartSIP TM System to solve this problem! Based on the margin of safety in the markets RankMF generates signals which you should follow for your SIPs.

    What are these signals and what do they mean?

    ● Like Signal - Begin or continue your SIP - This shall be in times when markets are reasonably valued

    ● Skip SIP - Skip your SIP for the month since markets are in an expensive phase offering lower value for money

    ● Dislike Signal - Markets are extremely expensive and you should not only skip your SIP but also liquidate a portion of your Investment

    ● 2 Likes Signal - Increase your investments or double your SIP since markets are realtively cheap and offer great margin of safety or value for money

    Look out for these signals on the SIP page of each fund.

  • Seamless investments and execution
    It's easy and quick!

    Investing in mutual funds with RankMF is easy and extremely quick.

    Explore -> Select -> Invest -> Go! You could actually end up making your investments in less than 30 seconds!

  • Profile Strength
    Know where you stand in your wealth creation journey!

    ● The RankMF profile strength will help you understand what stage of evolution have you reached as an individual. The strength of your profile will improve as you evolve as an investor and manage your investments better.

    ● You'll find the Profile strength indicator on your personalised home page once you're logged in.

  • A Social investing experience
    Investing shouldn't be lonely and it isn't anymore.

    ● You as an investor can connect your Facebook accounts to your RankMF account and check know which mutual funds your friends have bought. We often need a second opinion in life and more so with our investments. So knowing your friends too have invested in a fund can work as a great validation tool for your ideas and investments! And ofcourse, invite more of your friends on to the RankMF platform and make mutual fund investing a social experience!

  • Introducing the MosDEX TM - Margin of Safety Index
    Know if it's the right time to invest in a fund

    ● Once the first filter is cleared, the second filter of investing is whether a fund has margin of safety (Simply put - Value for money) and therefore should be invested in or not! Unlike all other advisors or fund managers or sales persons, we'll tell you if the timing to invest in a fund is incorrect with a thumbs down!

    ● RankMF's propreitory tool MosDEX TM evaluates the price and relative value of the fund and in times of extreme euphoria with negative margin of safety, we shall recommend against investing in a fund!

  • The RankMF Strength Indicator TM
    Find out what's the strength of the fund

    ● Markets are volatile and carry risk. So investments made by fund managers will fall from time to time based on market conditions. However, what's important is how quickly these investments can bounce back when the markets stabilise and go up again.

    ● Introducing the RankMF Strength Indicator TM that identifies the strength of the fund and it could be low, average or good. Look out for the Strength icon on the Explorer and the Strength Page of each fund.

  • RankMF Baskets
    Invest in researched ready-made baskets based on your preferences

    ● RankMF baskets are a combination of mutual fund schemes carefully selected and weighted to reflect a time horizon, retirement goal, target corpus or risk appetite.

    ● Choose from one of our professionally built RankMF Baskets and buy the baskets in a single click. Baskets could be bought either as lumpsum investments or SIP investments depending on the purpose/category.

  • Personalised and guided experience
    Each and every individual has a personalised experience and a personal home page!

    ● At RankMF, we treat personalization as a very important need and treat every individual as a different individual. The main way an investor interacts with our research recommendations is via the homepage, which they see when they log into RankMF. The primary function of the homepage is to help each investor easily find something they'd like to invest in.

    ● We use the RankMF home page to build a customised and guided experience for all investors. You'll find different recommendations on home page based on risk appetite, purpose, what's trending and a lot more! We use a simple card design and image algortihm to help you quickly tell what a fund does and how it's going to work!

  • RankMF Portfolio Health Checker TM
    Know if your mutual fund portfolio is healthy enough!

    ● Another burning question in the mind of investors is “kya mera mutual fund portfolio sahi hai” (Meaning is my portfolio correct?). To answer this, we've created a portfolio health checker which will let you know if the funds you hold are good or not. If not, you could rebalance your portfolio and replace the duds with the dudes!

    ● Upload your CAS (Consolidated Account Statement)/ NSDL Demat Statement or CDSL Demat Statement and find out if the funds you currently hold are the right ones or not!